Massages & Baths

Soothing massages and relaxing baths await you in our beauty & wellness oasis after spending a day in the nature. Our experience beauty care team is pleased to compile a customised programme for you and takes care of you professionally.

We look forward to the opportunity of being able to pamper you!

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Partial massage 20 min € 30.00
Full massage 50 min € 58.00
Wellness massage 25 min € 35.00
Aroma massage 25 min € 35.00

Body peeling

Full body peeling 30 min € 45.00


Algae pack small
25 min € 35.00
Algae pack big
40 min € 45.00
Full body pack "velvet and silk"
40 min € 39.00
Full-body algae & healing mud pack 45 min € 58.00

Hydrotherapy baths

Concentrated bathing oils have a harmonising effect on every skin metabolism. This can be vitalising, refreshing, stimulating or purging depending on the need

Bath duration: 20 min Rest period: 20 min € 24.00

Scented (or aroma) baths

Let yourself loose in a comforting healthy bath. You can choose from one of these: Rose oil bath, Alpine flowers, spruce needle, mountain pine, vitalising bath, eucalyptus or rock oil

Bath duration: 20 min Rest period: 20 min € 24.00

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Reserve your beauty care treatment